Python OSINT Platform: OSCAR-F


OSCAR-F is designed to aid in the process of information gathering. It was formed with the idea of not having to open so many tabs in a browser.

There are a few bugs in OSCAR-F, however, we are slowly working on crushing them and working on features.


All setup files are located within the setup directory!

OSCAR uses a few libraries. These include:

  • Twitter
  • tweepy
  • feedparser
  • shodan
  • readline
  • pillow
  • BeautifulSoup4
  • Mechanize
  • Requests

These can be installed via pip: pip install -r requirements.txt

If you receive setup errors similar to: compilation terminated.

error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1

Please install the python-dev package: example: apt-get install python-dev

Please note that you will need to setup ONE twitter app for you/your business.

The the readline feature is completely optional.

Please be sure to run the DEPENDENCY_CHECK script first! Additionally, as noted above, dependencies can be installed via pip install -r requirements.txt

After running the dependency check, run the script. This will allow you to setup all necessary auth files/data. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SETUP SCRIPT WILL NOT INSTALL MISSING LIBRARIES! Please use pip.

To setup Twitter Application

Navigate to: and setup a new application. Please note the name and keys associated with it. You should only need to have a read only application unless you want to edit/change profile data.

Shodan API KEY

Once you have a ShodanHQ account or login, go to: and copy the API key. Please note that if you want to use ALL of the shodan functionality of OSCAR, you will need to purchase an “Unlocked API”


You can purchase the “Unlocked API” addon here:

To scrape pastebin

To scrape pastebin, add regex strings to /config/pSearch.dat located in the root directory. After this, proceed to use oscar.

To edit rss filter options

Edit the keywords in /config/rssfilter.dat

To add/remove rss feeds

Edit rss links in /config/rssfeeds.dat

To scrape web source code

Edit regex info in /config/webscrape.dat in the root. The path will change soon.



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