Python OSINT Platform: OSCAR-F

OSCAR-F is designed to aid in the process of information gathering. It was formed with the idea of not having to open so many tabs in a browser. There are a few bugs in OSCAR-F, however, we are slowly working on crushing them and working on features.

Open Source Intelligence Automation: Spiderfoot

SpiderFoot is an open source footprinting tool, available for Windows and Linux. It is written in Python and provides an easy-to-use GUI. SpiderFoot obtains a wide range of information about a target, such as web servers, netblocks, e-mail addresses and more. SpiderFoot’s simple web-based interface enables you to kick off a scan immediately after install –…

Open Security Framework: Hakabana

Haka is an open security framework which allows to apply security policies on live captured traffic. Haka API allows to define security rules and to specify network protocols and their underlying state machine.